Display Recorder Updated To v1.3.0 With Support For Mic Audio Recording

New day, new update in Cydia. Display Recorder has been updated to v1.3.0. Record the display in real-time with YouTube uploads, send to camera roll, web interface, ProTapper-style touch circles and Activator integration


This new update brings bug fixes as well as a few new extras. One new feature which I personally have been awaiting for a very long time is the ability to record sound to accompany your screen too.

Some other changes consist of added support for Celeste, record from lockscreen on iOS5+ and a delete button to the the “recording complete” popup.

Full changelog:

  • Add support for mic audio recording
  • Fix iOS4.3.x crash
  • Better localization support
  • Add support for Celeste
  • Rudimentary support for key events via web interface’s live view
  • Add Delete button to recording finished alert
  • Allow starting recording from the lock screen on iOS5.0

Display Recorder is available in Cydia Store…