Developer Of Delicious Library Accusing Apple Of Stealing The GUI For The iPad

During yesterday’s keynote, Apple introduced a new e-reader app called iBooks. If you are familiar with a Mac app called Delicious Library, you certainly see a GUI resemblance between the two.

Developer Wil Shipley complained, of course, about Apple’s way to catalog books, ( and maybe in the future ) CDs and DVDs on the wooden shelves. Shipley said on Twitter that Apple didn’t ask for permission of using the GUI/graphics but he does not wants to sue Apple, in fact he believe that this will help the Delicious Library sales.

Other developers have always asked permission before using it, and an example is the iPhone app Classics.Shipley is also aware that some former developers that worked for his company are working with Apple now, and has no doubt that that interface has been stolen from him …