Deckadance: A New DJ App That Brings A Tactile Experience To Your iPad and iPhone

Image Line, the creative team that brought you Fruity Loops, has released Deckadance, a new DJ application that brings a tactile experience to your iPad and iPhone.

Although you could see Deckadance being an application that would translate well onto the iPad, reworking the GUI so it could be effective on an iPod must have been a challenging venture.

As a result, Image Line has released two different versions of the app that work well on each device, while basing both on popular music devices by Pioneer for reference.

Deckadance offers the same functionality you would expect from your regular one’s and two’s, and regular users of DJ apps should appreciate its utilities with a cleaner interface, which doesn’t make you feel (as much) like a bootleg DJ.

The presentation should all but fool to thinking you are the DJ middleman, which means one level above the other apps, but one level below the professional’s tools.

Deckadance is available for $3.99 in the app store