Teardown: iFixit Takes A Closer Look At The New Apple EarPods


On September 12, alongside the iPhone 5, Apple has unveiled their new and improved version of iconic white buds, called simply ‘EarPods‘. Apple claims that they have spent three years working on the new EarPods, and that the new buds perform at the same level as headphones that cost hundreds of dollars more, but these sweet beat makers will only cost you $29 (plus tax, if applicable).

So what exactly did Apple do in those 1095 days? iFixit has the answer…

Taking a close look at the new EarPods, the wizards at iFixit found out a couple of things:

  • The first noticeable thing is is the totally redesigned shape of the EarPods.
  • The next noticeable design feature for the EarPods is that the main speaker port faces forward, rather than directly into your ear canal
  • Apple had durability in mind with the new EarPods. The new remote design includes larger cable wrapping near the remote than the previous earbuds to reduce strain on the wires.
  • The new EarPods have a more sealed and secured control board
  • The voice coil is supported by a composite diaphragm made of a paper cone and a polymer surround. Previously a plastic cone was used.

For a complete teardown, check out iFixit…