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David Letterman: Excuses Of The Guy Who Lost The iPhone Prototype [video]

I guess you all know the story of the next gen iPhone lost in a bar and sold to Gizmodo ( really?!?! ). We got a tons of emails from you guys, asking us how come we’re not covering the story. It is simple: the story is just a media hoax, and we don’t digest whatever media is feeding us, just because it says Gizmodo on the label. But we do digest a little bit of David Letterman and his excuses of the guy who lost the iPhone prototype:

10. Couldn’t call Apple for help cause I lost my iPhone
9. I’m more of a Kindle guy
8. You mean besides being drunk out of my mind
7. Distraught Kate Gosselin kicked off “Dancing With The Stars”
6. Thought there was an app that would wisk it back to my house
5. It must have fallen out of my iPants
4. Volcanic ash run
3. Let’s just blame Goldman Sachs
2. At least I didn’t lose my finger like that iPad guy
1. It didn’t work anyway – it uses AT&T