Cydia Repo: Get Newest Cracked Cydia Store Apps Through… Cydia

For a while now, our friend Murda here has supplied us with numerous cracks for those pesky Cydia Store pay apps, allowing us to “try them out” or just blatantly steal them. So far the only way to install most of them has been through using .deb files, which gets a little complicated for some users and upgrading to newest versions can be frustrating and quite a process.

Fortunately, an xSellize user by the name of schnedi started a repo that contains most of these cracked Cydia Store apps and he updates the versions regularly. This means that instead of going through old process of SSH transfers, the dpkg through Terminal, etc. we can now just add this repo and download/upgrade our cracked apps as easy as any other Cydia app.

First thing you need to do is load cydia and add this repo:

On this dude’s repo he also has some interesting 5+ icon dock tweaks, which I have never seen before:

Article by GreyHam

murdaFSM edit: i feel the need to tell you guys again: get the cracked app, try it, and if you like it BUY IT!