Cyder: Manage Cydia From Your PC

Im so excited about this one. Today it’s the first time in a looong long time im glad that i got a PC. The software, that made me so exiced, its called Cyder and it will let you manage everything in Cydia straight from your PC.  Cyder lets you sync, download/update packages and install them to the iPhone and it’s wicked . especially for people that can’t get 3G speeds or Wi-Fi.

Cyder it’s FREE and you can get it from here. On the page you will see a button that says Click here to download Cider . On the rest of the page, you will basically see just some curves on your screen ( no offence to the language or the people who speaks it ) and i didnt even bother to translate the page. Instead i decided to figure out the software by myself. Not exactly brain surgery .

After you install Cyder connect your iPhone/Touch and , ( this is the first thing i did : checked out Settings duhhh ) , you need to click on Settings where you have a bunch of options that you can check in order for Cyder to suit your needs. I only checked  two of them but you can check all or none of them. This one depends on you.

Next you click on Syncronization and you click on the button Copy sources from Cydia . This is a quick process and now once you do that, you get access to all of your sources inside Cydia.

When that is done, you are pretty much good to go. You can add or delete sources, install packages , remove packages , upgrade and pretty much anything you can do in Cydia, you can do , now, on your PC. To add or remove a source you need to click on the Sources button. There you can check all the sources you want to delete and delete them, or you can add new sources just by typing the source and click the big green “+” button.

Next , is probably the most important button in this software : Packages . Here you can search packages by category or you can use the search bar to search for a specific package. One thing that it’s abolutely a blessing is that you can check multiple packages and then install all of them at once. WICKEEEDD!!!!! When you click on a package on the right side, you will find all the info about the app just like in Cydia ( dev, category, homepage, description etc ).