Theme Maker for iPhone and iPod Touch

METHOD 1iPhone Theme Maker ( web application )

So you want to theme up your device but you dont have any design skills? Or you might want to take an element from one theme, another element from another theme and create your own custom theme? Now you can do that with ease. All you need to know is how to work with the mouse, click and browse your computer for photos; iPhone Theme Maker does the rest of the job for you.

iPhone Theme Maker, is a web application which lets you create themes by adding your favorite wallaper, changing the dock, the status bar, icons everything. Everything but the lockscreen. For now you can only create themes for your springboard. You can choose to upload your own dock/wallpaper/icon/statusbar or to choose one from the gallery.

There is another button on the screen that says “Add Icon” which , to be honest, i have no idea what does it do. Because they only offer the default springboard with the default applications. How do you assign the new icon to a certain app, beats me for now. But to tell you a little secret : im not too crazy for themes. I only had and have one, and im super satisfied by it and thats enough for me.

Once you are done, you need to click on Compile Theme and they will give you a PXL file , a .zip file and a theme preview pic.

METHOD 2 – iThemeIt

If you really want to get it done right, one thing you can do is to check out a couple of themes on cydia or w/e and get the ones you like. Than decide which elements you like in those themes and via SSH you can get the wallpaper from one theme , icons from the other and so on, and compile all those themes into one theme that you really like.

About the icons, you can google for “iphone icons” or “iphone icons pack” and you will find tons of them. This are just two methods that you can use to create your own iPhone/Touch themes. Im not saying this are the most powerful and professional methods, but they are really easy. Now it all goes down to your own skills. If you got skills , let us know what you’ve done.

I was saying that im not crazy about themes, but i got one that i use and i really like. It’s called Cherrino and you can get it from Touch-Mania repo :

  • Wallpaper : 320×480 px
  • Dock – 320 x 91 px
  • Status bar – 320 x 20 px
  • Icons – i doubt most of you will create your own icons, so just google for icons, you can find tons and tons of icon packs
  • all pics must be in .png format