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HOW TO: Convert iPhone Backups Created By iTunes Into Readable Files

We got an email the other day from a reader that was asking us, how to get some old messages into back into his iPhone. Luckily he had all the backups still on his computer, so the answer was simple: iPhone Backup Extractor.

Offering a simple and clean interface for mac users to extract the contents of the saved back ups of your iDevce. Easily extract tthe contents of the OS database files, such as photos, messages, notes, as well as back up data of installed applications. Some files are extracted as .db files easily read with a SQL database reader.

Download iPhone Backup Extractor here, and if you want to read the “.db” SQLite files that the iPhone Backup Extractor creates check out Menial’s Base app

If you know of such an app for Windows, please let us know.