Case-Mate, Griffin And Threadless Lets You Create Your Own iPhone Case

We just talked about Quirky’s iPhone case with a built-in LED light. Now, you know i’ve said this before: I’m not a fan of iPhone cases. And the reason why I’m not a fan is because most of them look and feel cheap. So why in the world would i dress up my gorgeous iPhone with an ugly case? For protection? Are you kidding me??!? The only protection i got for my iPhone is protective foils so i can protect it against scratches.

First night i got my iPhone, i dropped it in the club and at least 5 people stepped on it. Ever since, i dropped it a couple of times , and it is just fine. If you say that and iPhone case is a fashion statement , well i can argue with you there. But , hmm… fashion statement? Yeah, if you choose to create your own iPhone case at Case-Mate or maybe choose the Griffin/Threadless collabo.

If you own at least one Apple product ( and you do, otherwise you wouldn’t read FSMdotCOM right now ) , there is no doubt in my mind that you recognize and appreciate Apple’s love for industrial design. So if they love it and care about it that much, why wouldn’t you give a crap about what your iPhone is “wearing”? I’m only assuming you take a glimpse at yourself in the mirror before you go our right?

If you choose Case-Mate you will get a blank 2-piece case that you can customize at will..

If you don’t want to or just can’t create your own iPhone case, you can also choose from a few “artist made” cases available for purchase. But trust me it’s not hard to create an iPhone case at all. I created this case in (literally) around 15 seconds. Not a beauty, but certainly not the beast…

An interesting collaboration between tee production behemoth Threadless and iPod/iPhone protection specialists Griffin bringing together some of Threadless’s most popular designs to help protect your shiny new iPhone. A nice move on both parts that I’m sure will be well received by creatives worldwide wanting to personalise their shinnies.