Completely Redesigned iPhone 5 To Be Launched In Fall 2012

Most of you/us were utterly disappointed with the announcement of the iPhone 4S. And why wouldn’t we be? Most of us upgraded because that’s how we roll, but let’s be honest except from the amazing camera and Siri, there’s not MUCH of a difference ( no matter what you say ). Except maybe there is no jailbreak for it yet, and for most of us the battery life sucks. If you still wondering if you should just wait for the next gen iPhone, maybe these early rumors will help you decide.

BGR has learned a number of details surrounding Apple’s next-generation iPhone from a close source. For starters, they can now confidently say that Apple’s next iPhone will launch in the fall next year, around the same time that this year’s iPhone 4S launched.

BGR have also learned that Apple is planning to use a rubber or plastic material — similar to the material used in the company’s bumper cases — that will be built into the new iPhone case. In all likelihood, this material will be used as a bezel surrounding the front edge of the phone (like the iPhone 3GS bezel) and it will serve two purposes.

First, it will join the glass iPhone face with a new aluminum back plate. It will also cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device, allowing Apple to build the rear case out of aluminum without having to use a large plastic insert above the antennas as the company does on its iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Earlier reports suggested that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will feature an aluminum case similar to the one found on the iPad 2, as well as a larger display around 4 inches.