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Five Column SpringBoard for iPhone and iPod Touch

Who did it? A dude called Sakurina. Info about Five-Column Spring board :

This is my first ever Objective-C(++) project. Decided to tinker with MobileSubstrate after a discussion with roobi. We thought that having five columns would maximize space with themes like Abeo, Pump, or Nanocons, but there was no easy way to add a 5th column.

Looked a little into it and it looked fairly easy to do after all. This is mostly a modification of Five Icon Dock, both the dock and each page in SpringBoard are SBIconLists, therefore they both have maxIconColumns as a property you can override with MobileSubstrate.

There are a few issues:
– Due to the current hackish nature of this, it just so happens that if you only have 4 icons on your dock, the 1st icon will end up in the 4th column of a 5th row. This will be fixed, I know what’s causing it, just not necessarily how to fix it.
– Wiggly icons makes the phone reaaaaally slow as hell.
– Having SpringJumps display titles will throw off the 5th column’s icons by a couple pixels; my code doesn’t take the padding property into account yet.
– Haven’t actually tested it with Abeo/Nanocons/Pump yet to see what it looks like.

Otherwise, this was a pretty neat way to learn about MobileSubstrate and ObjC, and a nice hack to stay up at the middle of the night for. Stay tuned for updates.

How to do it? First you need some thing from cydia :

  • Erica Utilities
  • MobileSubstrate
  • MobileTerminal
  • Ruby

Once all that is installed you need to :

  • Download this file
  • Upload it to : private/var/mobile
  • Open MobileTerminal
  • Now type in:  su root ;  alpine  ; dpkg -i fcsb-054.deb
  • Respring and you have 5 icons in each column!

    If you encounter any sort of problems please check this forum ( this is where i found this hack so…. much love to those guys )