Its YOUR iPhone…Make it PERSONAL!

Let me ask you something first : Do you like music? Actually… Dou you LOVE music? Of course you do, everybody does. I cant live without music.

Let me ask you another thing : What is my blog’s mantra ( sort of mantra, because its more than 2-3 words ) ? Personalize Your iPhone One Post at the Time , right?

Well what more do you want than a unique ringtone for this beautiful device? Hold on let me take it slow :

Mid December last year i got a tweet from @calilewis ( ) that a certain gerntleman by the name of Geoff Smith is on UStream. I didnt know who this Geoff was at the time ( Geoff Smith is an independent artist based out of Nashville TN. His massively catchy power pop styles are reminiscent of the Beatles, Ben Folds and Squeeze. ) so ive decided to check him out. And what a great show it was.

A couple of days ago i was digging a little deeper and i found out that Geoff is working with RingtoneFeeder. What do you think my next move was? Ive contacted RingtoneFeeder and asked them if they are interested in a partnership. Told them about the great great community i got going on here and they were more than happy about it.

Whats RingtoneFeeder anyway?

Be cool with a massive collection of unique ringtones and support FSMdotCOM by supporting our partners.