ClouDrop Db: Finally A Great DropBox Management Solution for iOS

We all know and love Dropbox. For me it’s practically indispensable. What I don’t love however is Dropbox’s official app for iOS. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty functional, but (a) it is far too blue for my taste and reminds me a bit to much of metro, and (b) it’s missing some pretty handy functionality that (until now) you could only really access from the website… and who wants to do that?

You may be familiar with an app called ClouDrop, a popular unofficial app for the CloudApp link sharing service. If you have ever used it, you know that its a very well put together app. In fact it almost makes cloudapp useable… almost.

A few days ago they launched a brand new app called ClouDrop Db, that as you can probably guess works with Dropbox. Just like it’s brother, it’s fast, sleek, and a joy to use. Additionally it adds lots of cool functionality to The Dropbox iOS experience that would otherwise be left to desktops. One example of this is the ability to access version history (pro accounts only), a very handy function that allows the user to view ever version of the document since it’s creation.

They have also included things like auto screenshot upload, and automatic clipboard uploading.

All in all, it’s a pretty nice little app. Well worth the .99(us) they are asking for it. The only two drawbacks I see are that, because it is a 1.0, it is buggy in a few spots, and if you want to continue to use the “one click” authentication method with Dropbox, you have to keep the official app on your device. But hey, that’s what updates and folders are for right?

Check it out on the App Store here.