Buy The FSM eBook Or FSM Tee. Every Single Dime Will Be Donated To Haiti

A couple of days ago , we told you that iTunes implemented a Haiti donations page. We decided to help the people of Haiti and since we have two products on “the market” we request your help.

Buy the eBook or a tee ( or both, even better ) , and every single dime that you’ll send our way it will be donated to Haiti. We also would like you to send us an email and tells us how you want us to donate the money. It doesn’t necessarily have to be through iTunes.  Most popular request will be applied.

Also if you are just a kid, ask your parents/grandparents/other relatives for the money. The eBook is only $7. Not a lot for helping a human being. Make a difference in the world.

  • Buy the eBook
  • Buy a tee

P.S. : (if the case) we won’t use our names, or the site’s name when donating the money. We don’t want any credit for this.