What Apple Needs To Do With iPhone OS 4.0 And iPhone 4G To Minimize The Droid Competition

You know how it goes : Apple never asks if you need something, they just create it and they make you realize that it is the product you’ve been waiting all your life to own. And that is not a problem, because uncle Steve is a brilliant visionary and 99% of the time he knew exactly what to create. The problem is that Steve’s best moments might just passed him, and now other companies discovered Apple’s Achilles heel and they are targeting Apple from every direction. Meet Droid…

Before the Droid OS came out there was just one major player in the mobile space: the iPhone. Now there are two major players: Apple and Google. Google introduced the Droid OS, and made it open and free. Notice “open and free” is written in bold letters.Why? Because open and free will always beat close and free. Because of that, Google will win this battle in the long run. Because it is open and free , Droid will be the OS on 99% of every phone beside the iPhone, and not only on mobile phones. It will be on your microwave, your washing machine, coffee machine anything and everything.

There are a lot of articles written in the last couple of weeks on the www about what we, the iPhone users, want to see in the next gen OS and iPhone. The problem is that this articles were written based on suggestions and not necessarily something that a 2011 and beyond cell phone must  be able to execute.

1. Apple, if you keep on overplaying your hand, the iPhone will become the Apple of mobile space and you will loose.

Dear Apple, you are heavy-handed with the appstore, app approval,  AT&T contract, apps that run on your device.

  • appstore and app approval – the appstore is one of your biggest assets in this game. You make devs wait for 1-2-3-4 months to evaluate their application and they might not even get approved. Do you know what 1 month means in technology innovation? Let developers know if they get approved or not in 2-3 days and let them update as often as they want or at least 2-3 days between updates. Also, why are you such a control freak. Why do you keep us glued to your iTunes appstore? Let devs sell their own products hosted and sold on 3rd party sites. Oh yeah, for sure, i agree with your concern for the quality of the apps. But hey, you can always get a pop-up window upon first load of the app , through which you alert people that they bought this app from a non-verified source and you can’t guarantee for the quality and service that this app provides.
  • AT&T contract – are you kidding me? I think over the time, i spoke to at least 70-80 people that told me they don’t want an iPhone just because it runs on AT&T. Let people choose what they want to use, like in Australia and some parts of Europe. You can bundle an exclusive service provider with a phone by law.
  • apps that run on your device – allow apps that will compete with your in-house built apps like a browser that competes with Safari. Hmm … where is Opera and Firefox for the iPhone? How about the SMS app? Every jailbroken user, uses a 3rd party textin app. It’s not that we hate your built-in apps, but they not as good as the other ones. And also, since we’re on this subject… let us remove your built in apps. For example, i never use stocks. Why does it need to take space on my Springboard?

This are just 3 of the issues that paints your arrogance and ignorance that will eventually come back and byte you in the ass.

2. Multitasking. OMFG Really, still no multitasking?!?!

It’s been almost 3 years since you introduced the iPhone. We waited until OS version 3.0 to get MMS? Now we need to wait till version 6.0 to get multitasking? Pimp up your game Apple. It’s 2010… You might be concerned that multitasking will slow down the user experience, and i agree. Well… build better phones. Or , if you can’t do that at the moment, integrate multitasking and allow only a certain number of apps to run in the same time. Do some benchmark tests and see what is the optimal number of apps that we can run in the same time and still enjoy the best user experience possible.

3. You give us all this space, but how about letting us use the iPhone in Disk Mode …

We now have 32 gigs of space. What can we possible do with all that space? Sure fill it with music, but most user doesn’t need that much music on their phones. When do you have time to listen to 25+ gigs of music? An average mp3 file has around 3-4 megs ( 192 kbps tune ) . If you have 25 gigs of music, that means 6250 files. If an average song has 3 mins , that means you got 312 hours of music. The battery only last for a couple of hours. And movies? Are you kidding me? You should watch a whole movie ( if the battery runs for that long on on video playback ) on a 3″ screen not us. 3″ for a movie is a joke. Dudes, any chance you see where I’m going with this? Let us use the iPhone in Disk Mode, and transfer files over USB or even better Wi-Fi.

4. Global A2DP Bluetooth

I take a picture of my friend, and she has a HTC or Nokia or w/e phone. Why do you make me to send her the pic via MMS or mail?

5. Even though we realize it is a bad idea, dig this: WE WANT FLASH, CODECS AND ADD-ONS

We get it, we totally get it. Especially those of us who are also Mac users. Flash on Mac is a pain in the ass. But shake some hands , kiss some babies and make friends with Adobe, and provide us with , AT LEAST, the option to have flash support on the iPhone. Again if we turn it ON, notify us via a pop-up window that this will drastically affect our user experience and performance. But let US choose. And while we at it, we want support for .vmw, .avi, .flac maybe… just go crazy.

Other things you can do

  • I read that many people want you to change the lockscreen. They want the lockscreen to display some info ( like weather, mail, messages, missed calls ). Personally , I’m pretty much against that because 1. i don’t own a Windows phone 2. easy access to sensitive data , but if you want to do that, at least let us choose if you want to turn the option ON or OFF.
  • Jailbroken users have an app called Overboard that allows you to see all of your Springboard’s pages and navigate with a single tap to the page we want. Most users have at least 9-10 pages of apps. Why do you makes us swipe and swipe and swipe – 10 mins later – and swipe?
  • OMG just put a damn camera flash into the iPhone. Some of us have a life even after the sun goes down. Would be so great to take some picture and share that night life with our family and friends. Don’t u think?
  • Change the look and feel of the Springboard. It was cool, but after 3 years we kinda got bored of it. And no, i don’t necessarily say that you should allow themes on the iPhone.

This are a few of the fire red hot issues, and you need to take a look at them and fix them. If you don’t do that, the iPhone will become the Apple of mobile space. It will be beautiful, clean, have a small but loyal community of followers but not going anywhere and if you don’t take care of your foundation, Droid phones will be game over for the iPhone.