Awesome Calendar For iPhone and iPad [video]

This new time management tool offers auto syncing to Google Calendar, photo embeddable note making, localized current and forecasted weather, todo list management, sharing from within the app and far more.

Awesome Calendar has a very extensive list of feature offerings, from automatic Google Calendar syncing to diary notation with embedded photos to localized weather reports and much, much more. Holidays for 35 countries are automatically noted on the app’s calendars.

Users are able to add, edit and view their calendars in a multitude of ways, can create and group todo tasks, add stickers, and share any of their information with others from within the app itself. Awesome Calendar is an efficient organizational tool for mobile workers, team projects, and individuals.

These are only a few of the features offered in Awesome Calendar:

  • Beautifully elegant interface
  • Perfect synchronization with Goo-Calendar via iCal
  • Universal app works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Multiple calendar control
  • Month, week (collapsible weekends), day and list views
  • Grouping of todo tasks option
  • Progress overview of todo lists
  • Holidays noted for 35 countries
  • Quick Add event with simple touch and hold
  • Lockable diary lets you type notes and embed photos
  • Full text search for event, note and todo
  • Easy-push event alarm
  • Shake gesture to go to Today
  • Weather information display – localized current and 4 day forecast
  • Simple swipe to move between months, weeks, days
  • Lots of Cuteeeee stickers available to use in month view
  • Share events, notes and todo lists from inside the app

Awesome Calendar is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) for $1.99 in the app store