Augmented Reality Driving iPhone App Shows Promise But Not Quite There Yet [video]

Are you often driving on highways or country roads? Then you do not want to miss the impressive technology of Augmented Driving with real-time object detection with up to 10 fps for your iPhone 3Gs including the following features:

  • Dynamic augmented reality overlays for lanes and vehicles
  • Head-up display (HUD) for system and status information
  • Lane detection and lane change warning
  • Vehicle detection and low distance information
  • System auto-calibration for easy setup
  • Many configuration options and quick manual

Once your iPhone is fixed on a special mount, Augmented Driving can offer up lane departure warnings, vehicle speed, the tilt of the road and even pick out vehicles ahead of you. Unfortunately, you have to be paying attention to the tiny screen stuck to your windshield in order to receive any of the benefits. You do get a bevy of audible warnings, but they’re largely for problems you could easily see if your eyes were up and on the road where they should be.

NOTE: full compatibility with iOS4 and iPhone4 including new functionality is currently delayed due to major camera-related API changes in iOS4.

Maybe some of you consider this app part of the future, but I’m sure that you auto-freaks out there will disagree. Some of you will quickly notice the redundant info offered by the app, ask yourselves how this app will perform on different meteorological conditions, and so on.

But, if you think this app is for you, you can buy it  from the app store for $2.99.

[via autoblog]