aTV Flash Black: Install A Browser, Last.FM, Plex And nitoTV On Your AppleTV 2G

If you have the first gen AppleTV chances are you used aTV Flash before. aTV Flash is a user-friendly software package that supercharges your new black AppleTV, unleashing a plethora of new functionality. It was just updated with a beta, that brings most of its functionality to the AppleTV 2G.

All you need is a jailbroken AppleTV 2G on iOS 4.1 and the aTV Flash Black software. While the software is still in beta, you can buy it at a discounted price of $19.95.

This beta brings the following features to your AppleTV:

● Surf the Web – Experience the web in all its glory and stream HTML5 video from many popular sites (note: not all HTML5 sites supported yet).
● Discover New Music – Find new artists you’ll love by accessing radio stations, artist bios and slideshows.
● Plex Client – Stream media from Plex Server running on your Mac. (big thanks to quiqueck for putting this together)
● Info on Demand – Keep track of current weather and news feeds on your AppleTV.
● One-click Updates – Install, remove or update plugins in a snap through the native AppleTV interface.

The installation process is a no-brainer, as long as you have a computer and an AppleTV connected on the same WiFi network. But some people might experience troubles with the provided installer. We will post a tutorial on how to manually install and bypass all the issues in a few. Stay tuned..

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