Apple Named Most Valuable Brand In The World Third Year In A Row


Apple was name the world’s most valuable brand today by Brand Finance, which says that the company’s brand is worth nearly $105 billion.In Brand Finance’s annual report, Apple retained the first-place value spot by boosting its brand’s dollar equivalent by 20% year-over-year.  Samsung takes the second place with a a 34% surge in value ending last year at almost $79 billion. Google, Microsoft and Verizon rounded out the top five brands, with end-of-2013 valuations of $69 billion, $63 billion and $53 billion, respectively. Their year-over-year increases were 32%, 38% and 74%.

Brand Finance calculates brand value with a complicated methodology that determines the value a company would be willing to pay to license its brand as if it didn’t own it. Apple was named the world’s most valuable brand by the U.K.-based consultancy for the third year running.

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