Apple Will Drop iOS 4.2.1 For The AppleTV 2G. Save Your SHSH Blobs

Just a quick heads-up: Apple is about to drop iOS 4.2.1 for the AppleTV 2G. The update won’t show directly on the AppleTV yet, but you can download it from this address.

The only new thing , as far as we can tell, is that now we get VoiceOver. In fact the AppleTV talked to us, saying ‘ if you want to turn on Accessibility, press the center button on your remote 3 times’ – or something along those lines.

Also , Apple is offering a small tutorial on how to use your AppleTV remote. We don’t remember this tutorial being here in the previous releases.

Remember that if you do update now, there is no jailbreak available for the new iOS. Also, save your shsh blobs now….