appDowner: BitTorrent Like Replacement To Apple’s App Store

If you’ve used Cydia, Icy, or even Appulous, the concept of an alternative to the App Store is old news to you, but soon there will be a new kid in town that will be the first App Store competitor using BitTorrent technology. This new app for jailbroken iPhones only is called appDowner.

Back in 2008, developer Alec Renolds started to create appDowner and his goal was to create a simple BitTorrent client for the iPhone. The project was put on hold , but not Alec is back and he is taking appDowner to another level: Alec is trying to create a complete replacement to Apple’s App Store.

If you are a developer this might be a great news for you, because unlike the Apple AppStore, there will be no app approval process, and most apps will be available within a week from the submission. I said “might be a great news” , because appDowner will be available only to jailbroken devices. You thought apple will allow an app that uses BitTorrent Technology and its/or will be a direct competitor for the AppStore? Think again… Apple is about monopoly, btw Apple, where is firefox for iPhone, where is out freedom of choice?

You can also download non-related iPhone stuff (apps ) with appDowner, which in other words means you’ll be able to illegally download music directly from the app. But it isnt clear if appDowner can be used to download cracked apps.

Saurik created quite a noise with his CydiaStore, and Rock Your Phone pretty much got here, and everybody forgot about it in the same time. So will appDowner be able to create a bigger “mess”?

appDowner is still in development and will be released in Cydia as soon as its done.