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FINALLY !!! got an app for iPhone. They offer you exactly what did you expect from an app like this, but the key feature of this app is something called Remembers. Now I’m really excited about this feature.So , basically Remembers allows you to shoot a pic with your iPhone and they will store it on their servers.

Now there’s nothing special about this so far. You are right. This is where the magic happens. If that pic is of a product ( or a similar product ) , they will identify the product and they will send you a notification that they found it for you.You will get notified like this : via email and via app. And the best part is that you get notified in max 5 min. I got the notification in 1 min or something like that.

Here you got some screen captures from my phone to get the feeling of this feature ( click on the image to enlarge it ) , but this is a must have on your iPhone.

PS : you can grab it for FREE from the appstore 😉