AirMusic Live In The App Store. Easily Stream Your iOS Music To A PS3, Windows Media Player And XBox 360

Earlier today, we told you about AirMusic, an upcoming app store app that allows you to stream your iOS device(s) music to a PS3, Windows Media Player, XBox 360 or any supported DLNA device. Well, the app is now live in the app store.

Access and stream your iPod Music Library over WiFi to an XBox, a PS3 or a PC running Windows Media Player. If you’ve heard all the hype about AirPlay and are missing out because your don’t have an AppleTV, this app is for you!


■ Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to the same WiFi network as your XBox, PS3 or PC.
■ Start AirMusic
■ If you have an XBox, turn it on, navigate to the Music Library and select your device in the list
■ If you have a PS3, turn it on, navigate to the Music Note and select your device in the list
■ If you have a PC running Windows Vista or Windows 7, start Windows Media Player, your iPhone will show up under ‘Other Libraries’


■ AirMusic requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with a minimum of 50MB of disk space to work effectively.
■ On a PC, AirMusic only works with Windows Media Player running on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
■ AirMusic is not compatible with old DRM songs purchased on iTunes. Newer iTunes DRM free purchases are compatible.
■ On XBox, it may take a few seconds before audio starts playing.

The app is available for $0.99 in the app store… ( we got a few promo codes, so stay tuned… )