AirMusic: Easily Stream Your iOS Music To A PS3, Windows Media Player And XBox 360

Feeling left out, because you spent your money on a PS3 and not an Apple TV, and you want to stream your music from an iOS device? Maybe you’re at a friends house, and they only have a PS3. Well, you’re in luck….

AirMusic is a new app coming soon to the app store to bridge the gap for those people without an Apple TV but still want to stream their music to their PS3 equipped televisions’ or to a computer with Windows media server.

Simply launch AirMusic app, turn it on and navigate to the Music Library on the XBox 360 dashboard or the Music menu on the PS3. From there, you can browse by Artists, Albums, Tracks or Playlists and start playback immediately. Oh yeah , this works with Windows.

The app is currently in review and it will cost $0.99 on launch. We will keep you updated. Stay tuned…