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Advertisers Will Be Able To Serve Flash Ads On The iPad

Everybody is complaining about the lack of Flash on iDevices. Well, it seems that Flash if finally coming to the iPad, but not in a form that we all have been waiting for ( more or less ) , but in form of ads. Mashable is reporting that, although the iPad will not support Adobe Flash, but thanks to the mobile advertising network Greystripe, advertisers can still serve their Flash-based ads on the new device.Greystripe is now announcing its iFlash Ad Units product, which will let advertisers deliver Flash content to the iPad.

What Greystripe does is port Flash ad units into a format that the iPad can display. This means that bigger advertisers and publishers can have more control over the consistency of how their ads look across devices. Plus, Greystripe claims that iFlash ad campaigns outperform other online campaigns.

Developers will be able to monetize their apps through Greystripe as well. They’ve partnered with Adobe, acting as the ad solution for Adobe’s prerelease Packager for iPhone. That means that you can develop your app in Flash CS5 and port it with Packager for iPhone, and submit it to Apple for approval.