50 Minute Interview With Adam Lashinsky, Author of ‘Inside Apple’ [Video]

On the first stop on his publicity tour – at the headquarters of LinkedIn – Adam Lashinsky, Senior Editor at Large of Fortune Magazine and author of Inside Apple, talks about Apple’s corporate culture.

After the break you can watch two videos: the full 50 minute interview with the author, and a video of an ex-Apple employee, who asks Inside Apple’s author “What creates the perfect Kool-Aid drinker?”

The Inside Apple book is available in the app store as an ebook ( $12.99 ) or audiobook ( $19.95 ). An unabridged version of the audiobook, narrated by the author, is available for $7.49 at audible.

Inside Apple reveals the secret systems, tactics and leadership strategies that allowed Steve Jobs and his company to churn out hit after hit and inspire a cult-like following for its products.