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zsnuz: The Zen of Napping Has Arrived on iOS

You’re already sleepy so why mess around setting alarms and snooze buttons? zsnuz brings you 6 pre-set nap timers that countdown with a single touch. Activate 1 or 2 snooze times before you nap! No more fumbling to hit a snooze button … zsnuz gives you a fadeout snooze gong that automatically rolls-over for “no touch” snoozing! And don’t forget to activate the ambient sounds for maximum chillaxation. zsnuz is the easiest nap app on the planet!

  • 6 fave nap times are all pre-set for one-touch access … all customizable too!
  • Double snooze!  2 “no touch” back-to-back snooze options, also customizable!
  • Mystic gong alerts you snooze 1 and 2 are counting down and fades away
  • “Chill” turns on default ambient sound (multiple white noise options) or …
  • Play your own background music from iTunes and press any nap time
  • Pause your nap at any time – just press the countdown window for on or off
  • Hit reset when the alarm goes off and you’re all ready for your next nap!
  • Example is a 40 minute nap, with a 15 minute snooze, and chill sounds are on
  • Note:  set your chill sounds after you set your preferred alarm sound!
zsnuz is available as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) in the app store