I Am Zlatan: A Zlatan Ibrahimovic Biography App [video]

Based on the best-selling autobiography of European football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, I Am Zlatan brings a variety of enhancements to the original text, adding visual entry points to find out more details of the soccer all-star’s life, from the details of his various tattoos, to each pair of shoes in his closet.

The original text is brought to life by:

  • 16 scenes: Visual stories highlighting defining moments of the biography, including: the showtime goal in La Manga, the Maradona goal against Breda, the backheel against Italy, the inauguration of Zlatan Court, the backheel at Inter that crowned Zlatan Capocannoniere, the reception at Camp Nou, the goal in El Clásico, and more.
  • The timeline: Explore the original text re-created as a chronological interactive storyline
  • Geo stories: Navigate the story geographically on an interactive map or using the GPS of the iPad when traveling
  • Stop-motion storytelling: Study the Maradona goal against Breda and Ronaldo’s tricks and techniques
  • Tattoo stories: Scope out Zlatan’s tattoos interactively
  • Dialogue storytelling: Re-enact Zlatan’s first meeting with Mino Raiola
  • Memorabilia gallery: A close-up view of some of the boots through the years
  • Statistics: The career told in numbers with adjacent images
  • Picture gallery: Zlatan’s life outside of football
  • Personal video introduction by Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • 130 images and 30 videos integrated into each chapter, carefully selected to enhance the original story.
  • Unique behind-the-scenes interview with author David Lagercrantz on writing the text with Zlatan Ibrahimovic


‘I Am Zlatan’ iPad app is available for $9.99 in the app store