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Zagg’s InvisibleShield HD: Military Grade Failure

There seems to be a flood of scratch proof screen protectors on the market today. So, being in the market to protect my iPhone 5, I was looking for the best out there. Since I’ve always used Zagg’s screens, and we all are creatures of habit, the choice was obvious.

So, I ordered an InvisibleShield HD… Waited, as one does… And it arrived today.

First impression? Hey it’s a screen protector people… What do you want? Shiny? Excellently placed and executed protective sheeting? Holes line up with the phone – well not really, but not that bad – ? Screw that noise. Let’s get this bad boy installed.

Following the eloquently detailed instructions on the package I slowly intstalled it, finally arriving to step 5.

What’s step 5? The all important step that involves smoothing the screen down and getting all those pesky bubbles out. Thankfully Zagg provided a squeegee to acomplish this task…

This is where things go sideways. As I’m smoothing out the bubbles, I begin to notice some dirt left behind. So in disgust I peel off the film to wash it. To my surprise, my InvisibleShield… my scratch proof wonder… is in fact… scratched. That’s right the rubbery squeegee that comes with the installation kit, scratched the scratch-proof shield.

What I don’t understand is how something like this happens? It’s MILITARY GRADE for cripes sake! One has to wonder exactly what side Zagg is on if this is indeed what they are selling the troops… Are they supporting the terrorists? Perhaps. Unfortunately they have covered their tracks far too well for that story. It can’t be proven. What I can prove is that this “marvel” of screen protection technology scratches easier then the screen it’s supposed to protect! I feel like I need a screen protector for the screen protector… But I digress.

Thankfully this “masterwork” comes with a 25 year warranty. Although if the replacement is as fantastic as this one… I hope their shipping department is ready. For now I’m going the way Ive intended. It’s safer that way.