YXFlash: Watch HR Divx/Xvid, Flash and WMV Video Formats on iPhone

New day, new app in Cydia: YXFlash player.With yxflash Player you can enjoy your movies, musics anywhere you go anytime you like.


  • High Performance, Video Playback Upto VGA level
  • Supported OS: Windwow Mobile, Symbian S60, Apple iPhone and Goolge Android
  • Only Supports Arm11 Based Devices
  • Supprted Multimedia Formats

  • Flash Video, Mpeg4, H.264(Baseline Profile), Windows Media Video
  • Mp3, AAC and Window Media Audio
  • Avi, Mp4 and Flv file format
  • Real easy to use. Just install it from Cydia (ModMyI source) , and you will get a new icon on your SpringBoard. Now all you need to do, is to copy via SSH any video you want where ever u want in your device.

    Browse the device to the location where you got the vid, and tap the name of the vid. Unfortunatelly this app is not free. You can get the free version from Cydia , which only supports Divx/Xvid and MP3 Formats. This app costs $9.99 and you can buy it from here

    I tested this app with with a .mkv (h264 )  and a .avi (xvid compressed w/ LAME MP3). Since i got the free version, .mkv didnt work, because the free version wont allow you to play H.264 compressed videos which really sucks. But the .avi (xvid compressed w/ LAME MP3) worked like a lucky charm. The player is really nice, you got dedicated onscreen buttons for shuffle play and for replay a movie over and over again.

    When i tapped on the screen to go into full screen mode, it didnt play that nice tho. Had a little bit of lag, a little bit sluggish, but for like 1 second, and than everything was running smooth.