YourTube HD 1.2 For iPad And YourTube 2 For iPhone Released

New day, two new updates in Cydia: YourTube. I say two new updates, because one is for the iPhone ( YourTube ) and the other is for the iPad ( YourTube HD ). In case you didn’t know, YourTube, adds a fully integrated downloader so you can keep those videos you love to watch and show your friends.

YourTube 2.0 adds iOS 4 compatibility and now, both YourTube HD 1.2 and YourTube 2 can import downloaded YouTube videos to the iPod library which is made possible by the Gremlin framework. Gremlin, not content to be left alone with YouTube videos, will also take on a starring role in other Cocoanuts software such as Safari Download Manager and AttachmentSaver!

Ceck out the CocoaNuts website for more info. We’re just as excited about this as everyone else and we cannot wait to get the iPhone version of YourTube out there!

You can buy both apps from Cydia Store for $5 each…