xGPS – Turn by Turn Navigation for iPhone

While the iPhone and Maps do provide turn by turn driving directions, it is not true turn by turn. The user has to advance the directions manually. This is not safe, especially while driving, and even more dangerous when you have no idea where you are. You know in an instant that you might actually need turn by turn directions.

xGPS looks to fill in that gap left by Apple.

I tried this app for three days with the same results. The use current location never worked for me when trying to get directions to somewhere. The addresses had to be input manually. That wouldn’t be so bad by itself, but if you stop at a light for too long or take a wrong turn you get this error.

Which means you have to manually input the addresses again ( good thing I had hClipboard installed ) I tried to and from multiple locations every time i got in the car for three days. I always got the same results. I wrote the dev hoping they could help me sort out my issues and get the app working correctly. I even mentioned that it was for this review thinking that they would want to put their best foot forward, but alas I got no reply. The app does work if you just need a map that will show you where you are, and rotates to give you the correct view. (I know that is the biggest hurdle for those that have trouble reading maps) It will tell you close to how fast you are going, but that can be hit or miss also, I got a reading of 114 mph while making a turn in a school zone. xGPS has potential and the Cydia link says there will be an update sometime around the 20th of this month. At this point I would have to give this app a rating 1 out of 10.

With that said I will still explain how to get the app working, because it does need to be set up once installed. When the app opens the first thing you should do is go into settings. It’s the button with the wrench in the lower right hand corner.

You can turn on offline maps. Meaning it will download and save your maps. I recommend you turn on map rotation. Now tap GPS to use.By default this will be turned off. Tap GPS to use, that will take you to this screen.

Pick your GPS device. I assume it’s iPhone 3G or you wouldn’t be here. I think. 😛 I also am assuming that the Fake GPS is for the original iPhone.

Now back out to the map screen. In the lower left corner tap the enable GPS button. The Map should now find your location. I recommend starting the app outside. It returned my location a good mile off from my true location until I went outside. After that it was extremely close on start up every time.

If anyone else has used the app and found a work around please let us know in the comments.Does this mean turn by turn is hopeless on the iPhone?

No Apple has allowed at least one turn by turn GPS app into the App Store after rejecting TomToms app months ago.