Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case

Let’s face it: taking photos with your old-school camera felt cool in a way that pulling your iPhone out of your pocket never will. Unless your iPhone has a stylin’ wooden case that looks just like your favorite camera!

The Wood Camera iPhone Case uses the natural strength of wood to protect your phone and an old-school camera engraving to up your photo-taking cred.

Each case is surface engraved using lasers! (No decals here.) The result: a sleek wooden base with a carving so intricate that your fingertips will be convinced they’re holding a real camera.

Walnut and bamboo are both durable, and each case comes with a thin felt pad to cushion your shiny glass phone against the wood. The case slides on in two parts over each end of your phone and won’t crack, scratch, or splinter.

The walnut and bamboo are chosen specifically for their sustainability. The plastic of your old case? Not so much.


  • Classic camera look for your iPhone 4 (Verizon & AT&T)
  • Sustainable; no endangered or tropical woods used
  • Durable, won’t scratch or chip
  • Inner felt pad absorbs shock
  • Weighs only 22g — less than a plastic case!

The case is available for $42 at photojojo…