• This program used iPhone location service for adding location info in the email message, you have to allow iPhone location service using this application.
  • Added New zooming feature.

Are you still using individual applications for writing email, making a note to self and finding location? Then this integrated application is for you.
Wide WisE-mail is an functional and efficient interface designed for typing faster on a big keypad for writing email and making notes to yourself, enabling you to attach your current location or interest location that closed you.

This application will allow you to write messages using a landscape big keyboard then send messages through the mobile mail. You can also set recipient, cc email address and subject to get the simplest way to email yourself with your location info.
You can find your location and attach the location info into the message. If the location is incorrect, it will allow you to tap the pin to adjust the location on the map or just shake your phone to update map.


  • Accuracy of the location is depending on certain factors, strength of GPS signal, you are inside or outside and you use 3G iPhone or 2G iPhone or iPod Touch. This application’s location service works best on the iPhone 3G, which has a built-in GPS chipset.
  • If you are using 3G iPhone outside and you will get the best accuracy in about 5-10 seconds. However if you think, your location is incorrect, you can move the pin to adjust the location or shake your phone then the map will be updated.

E-mail Features:

  • Landscape big wide keyboard to write emails.
  • Simple one touch emails a written note to yourself.
  • Allow adding your location or interest location with detailed info.
  • Supports landscape full international keyboard.
  • Supports to adjust font size.
  • Supports special characters (“&”, etc).
  • Automatic saves message when receiving call or press home key.
  • Show and hide alert message.
  • Customizable recipient and Cc email address.
  • Customizable email subject.

Map Features:

  • Finding your location and allow you to adjust location on the map.
  • New Zooming feature.
  • Shake iPhone then map will be updated.
  • Street map, Satellite and Hybrid map view.
  • Provides detailed location info in email link.

Languages :
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese Korean
Requirements :
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (2nd generation)
  • Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update


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