Whited00r: Modded 3.1.3 Firmware To Replicate iOS 4 On iPhone 3G

About 2 months ago we told you about whited00r, a project that brings custom jailbreaking tools, which we can use to create custom 3.1.3 firmwares that will replicate iOS 4. The initial idea was to create a 3.1.3 FW that replicates iOS 4 for iPhone 2G And iPod Touch 1G  because Apple stopped updating those devices.

But, since everybody is complaining about iOS 4’s speeds on the iPhone 3G , the guys behind whited00r just released another tool specially made for the iPhone 3G.

This is not an actual iOS 4, running on an iPhone 3G, but a modded 3.1.3 FW which brings the following functions:

  • Jailbreak
  • Hacktivation
  • native MMS enabled
  • native USB Tethering enabled
  • native Bluetooth Tethering enabled
  • native Battery Percentage enabled
  • 3GS’s Tap To Focus enabled (fake)
  • emojii enabled everywhere
  • Voice Control Vocalia
  • Voice Control Home Button Double Click
  • fake Compass to fast-respring
  • 4.0 System Version
  • 27 Wallpapers from iOS4
  • semi-trasparentdock form iOS4
  • icons from iOS4
  • reflective dock toggle
  • springboard backgorund
  • sms background
  • no Winterboard or BossPaper

For more info and downloads ( for iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G ) , check out whited00r….

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