WatchStand: Check Out Griffin’s iPhone/Apple Watch Charging Dock [video]


According to Cook we should expect 18 hours of “general use”out of the Apple Watch, so that will probably mean that you’ll have to charge your watch every night. If you plan on getting an Apple Watch, maybe you want to look at Griffin’s All-in-One iPhone/Apple Watch charging dock – the WatchStand.

How does it work?

Just lay your Apple Watch against the angled cradle and it will gently snap itself onto the MagSafe connector’s magnet. That’s it!

WatchStand is built to accommodate both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands. Securely display and charge your Apple Watch vertically or horizontally for the perfect view.

What about cable management?

Easy. Simply drop the USB cable straight through the center of the post. Any excess cord length can be wrapped neatly away in WatchStand’s post. The provided grooves keep your tabletop uncluttered and your charge cable from becoming crimped or tangled.

Does it have room for my phone too?

Yes! The weighted base is shaped to hold your iPhone, with non-skid padding that won’t scratch tabletops.

WatchStand provides a safe, secure place to charge your Apple Watch when you’re not wearing it.

Griffin is planning to release the WatchStand this Summer at a price of $29.99.