Watch Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee Announcing The Silicon Valley Comic Con [video]


The mighty Woz, Apple co-founder, is helping to launch a new event – the Silicon Valley Comic Con. Woz also stars in a new video that introduces the SVCC, alongside the man, the myth, the legend…. Stan Lee. However, there’s one problem with the video. I just can’t help it. The FaceTime call between Woz and Stan Lee is not depicted as a real FaceTime call. If Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd managed to shoot an entire episode of Modern Family on an iPhone 6 and Apple Air 2, i think at least a medium skilled video edit to make it look like a real FaceTime call would’ve fit in the budget.

Anyway….. Jump over the break to watch Steve Wozniak call his friend Stan Lee about Silicon Valley Comic Con. Debuting in March 2016, SVCC celebrates the Age of the Geek by bringing together America’s two greatest superheroes: pop culture and technology.