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Watch Movies and TV Shows on iPhone/iPod Touch for FREE

LuckyVidz ( ) is a new site on the market that allows users to instantly stream movies and TV Shows to there iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, PSP or anyother .MP4 supported device! The videos stream over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE networks and it’s damnn fast especially over WiFi. If you want to upload a movie or TV show you can send a direct email to the dev here

The site is presented with a minimal design, and it’s pretty ugly. Reminds me of my IRC days back in 1998-1999 when i used to have a black background and acid green fonts. Gave me the impression i was cool. Oh well… but the design it’s perfect the way it is and its loading fast.

You can browse movies or TV shows alphabetically and they already got tons of them.

When you are on a movie or a TV show, you can also read a description of what you are about to watch. The movies are loading really fast over WiFi, so for all of you that enjoy watching movies on a 3.5″ screen, this will be a blast.