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Watch A Cat Unlock The iPhone 5s Using The Fingerprint Sensor [video]


It turns out that Apple’s new Touch ID Fingerprint Identity Sensor on the iPhone 5S is not restricted to human users, and TC proves it by using a furry friend to unlock the iPhone.

[…] Apple’s new fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s isn’t restricted to human users. After commandeering a cat, I tested a colleague’s hypothesis that you could register the identifying skin segments of your favorite furry friends for Touch ID, too. […]

To clarify, this isn’t a ‘hack’ of Apple Touch ID tech, like the kind a group of individuals is trying to crowdfund via the covered earlier this morning by ZDNet. But it is a broadening of the definition of what counts as a “fingerprint” by the iPhone 5s scanner’s standards, so if you think your pet needs access to your accounts, feel free to register them as one of your five stored Touch ID profiles.