Wallpaper* City Guides Available For The iPhone And iPod Touch

Wallpaper* and Phaidon have made a name for themselves over the years for producing small but well crafted city guides. If you are anything like me, you sure don’t like to be seen with a city guide that shouts out TOURIST, and a pocket sized one would be just wonderful.

Well, Wallpaper* has developed their city guides into a line of iPhone apps that are as well designed as the guides themselves.There are 9 different apps for 9 different cities around the world,  available in the appstore and each one costs $3.99. However, they are giving away for free the Berlin City guide so all you need is to grab your copy and  book some tickets for Berlin. Also, if you are interested in a printed version, there are over 80 Wallpaper* City Guides are available to buy online from the Phaidon Store.