The Wallee: Hard Case And Wall Mounting For Your iPad

Over the time we showed you a lot of iPad cases and stands ( check them out below under ‘Related stories on FSM’ ) , but today we’re showing you something special: The Wallee. The Wallee is comprised of two main parts: a hard protective shell and a wall plate.

  • When not docked, The Wallee does double duty acting as a durable, comfortable and sleek protective case for your iPad. All of the physical buttons are left easily accessible and integrated thumb tabs means your iPad can be removed from the case quickly and easily.
  • A simple turn and click & your iPad is locked into position, another turn and click and it is released together with its hard protective shell.

The Wallee will start shipping early next month and you can buy one for $49.95 AU ( Australian dollars ) here. You can also buy extra wall plates for $10 AU . You will also get free worldwide shipping. For more info check our the site.