Vox Music Player Updated with Redesigned UI, Gapless Playback and More…

Vox music player for OS X was updated today with a refreshed design which displays album art and hides playback controls until needed, gapless playback and improved searching across devices and locations. The new player also features improved multi-device support and bug fixes addressing previous issues with radio stations and general stability.

Well known in the Mac community for delivering gorgeous sound, intuitive user features and flexible file support, VOX 2.0’s most exciting update is the completely redesigned smart interface, which now slickly displays album art; seamlessly tucks away controls until needed, and offers perhaps the most lightweight, flexible, modern music player available for OS X. Additionally, Mac fans asked and Coppertino listened. VOX 2.0 now features gapless playback that eliminates pauses between audio tracks.

VOX 2.0 updates include:

  • New playlist formats for export;
  • Smarter searching across all devices and file locations;
  • Improved multi-device support via the Audio MIDI;
  • Several bug fixes address some minor issues that occurred when changing radio stations, stability when handling high loads and with services support.

Vox is available for free on the Mac App Store