VolumeBoost 3.1.2: Tweak Updated For FW 3.1.2.Is It Just Me,Or There Is No Difference?

VolumeBoost, the popular tweak designed to increase the volume on the iPhone and iTouch by about 20% , was updated and now it supports the latest firmware released by Apple.

The tweak is extremely easy to install and activate. Just load Cydia and search for “Volume Boost” and install it. After installation, load Winterboard and activate it. That is it. But the thing is i can’t hear the difference. I have a loud ringtone ( Chuck’s iPhone ringtone 🙂 ) , and i use Blower once a week ( or when i remember to use it ) . The app is BS, has no functionality and it really blows. Well i found a practical use for it.

Maybe this is stupid, but since it blows a little bit of air, i use it ( and it drives me insane ) for like a minute or so to “blow” the dust or tobacco or what ever might block the speaker. This way nothing is blocking the speaker, and to me it sounds the same.

Do you hear a volume increase after installing this tweak?