VideoRecorderfor3G Hardcore Speed and Sound Test

Recorded this video Friday night around 12:30 AM to test the video quality while in motion. Results are not satisfying at all. It looks like i shot it in long exposure. I really hate iPhone’s camera, it really sucks and basically if you dont have strong natural day light, its pretty much worthless.About the sound …. well…. sound capturing is not quite there in this app. In all fairness , the car i was in has a wicked sound system but, in oct. last yr i recorded an entire show ( DJ JFB and Beardyman ) at TM08BASE, with cycorder, and we had there 113.8 dB ( 150 dB is the sound of a rocket lunch and basically around 120ish dB, pain begins ), and cycorder did a really good job. Didnt think iPhone can pull that one.

About the dialog in the car …. mostly something like ” Police Police” “Just smile and wave boys. just smile and wave” . Well check the movie ( really dammn loud base distortion , check your speakers/headphones before you press play) and decide for yourself….

Specs :

default specs : mpeg-4 , mode 1 320×240

My take on this :

  • Video recording at night with VideoRecorderfor3G sucks looks like i shot it in long exposure
  • Sound captured was pwned by the sound system and the base in the dubstep and breaks we were listening too
  • Will never record with this app ( at least at night ) again