Vans SK8 – Pool Service for iPhone and iPod Touch

When Touch Grind came out, i went crazy. I loved the game, specially cause i was missing my fingerboard. It was an amazing game, of which i got bored after one day. Oh well…. But that game got me wondering when will Tony Hawk or brands like Vans, Globe, DC and so on will come up with a skate or bike game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Well it seems that Vans is answering my question. The official Vans iPhone game, available this month on the iTunes App Store, developed by Fuel Games.You can choose your board and wheels, and skate as either Bucky Lasek or Omar Hassan as you compete in ten different events!Glad you can skate with Bucky Lasek, because Bucky was the one i skated with in the Tony Hawk series.