Valve Demonstrates The Steam Controller.Will Be Compatible With Steam for Mac [video]


Jump over the break to check out a quick look at some games being played with the prototype version of the Steam Controller — the same version that Valve will be shipping to 300 Steam users later this year.

The Steam Controller is designed to work with all the games on Steam: past, present, and future. Even the older titles in the catalog and the ones which were not built with controller support. (We’ve fooled those older games into thinking they’re being played with a keyboard and mouse, but we’ve designed a gamepad that’s nothing like either one of those devices.) We think you’ll agree that we’re onto something with the Steam Controller

The Steam Controller includes a touch screen in the center of the device with a pair of trackpads around the outside using “super-precise” haptic feedback and “dual linear resonant actuators” to deliver a range of force and vibration feedback sensations.

The Steam Controller is currently in beta and is designed to work primarily with theSteam Machine set-top box. It will also work with any PC version of Steam, including Steam for Mac.