Untold Guide iPhone/iPad App For Call Of Duty: Black Ops

This released guide, Untold Guide for Call Of Duty: Black Ops is not sold anywhere else. Players are now given the edge over the competition. The guide is the first of its kind. Simple and straight to the point skills for Black Ops players. This is definitely a happy day for all the Call Of Duty Black Ops fans and players. This iPhone app has been so irresistible because of the free continuous updates and current low price of only a buck.

One of the reasons that the Untold Guide for Call Of Duty Black Ops has become such a rage is that it is a totally unique concept guide, quite unlike anything you have seen before. Like with every unique concept, this one will also spawn several imitations soon enough, and the Internet discussion boards are going to go nuts talking about this new Untold Guide in the Black Ops gaming world.

This Untold Guide is developed by Avoapps and you need to download it from the iTunes website. Also, just in case you were wondering, this topnotch Untold Guide is already rated 4 on the iTunes website.

This untold guide will keep up with the latest as it comes out.

Application highlights:

  • Scroll through dozen of excited topics
  • Get that edge that a player need
  • Play your game in a whole new light

Untold Guide: For Call Of Duty: Black Ops app is available for $0.99 in the app store

[thx Joe, via iClarified]