Unofficial Cydia Update Brings It To v1.0.3366-7

An unofficial Cydia updated was pushed today via repo, which brings it to v1.0.3366.7.ga4f1392 ( no clue what ‘ga4f1392’ means ). There is no changelog, and the package isn’t featured on Saurik’s index of debs ( latest/current official version is 1.0.3366-1 ). We asked chpwn about it, but he didn’t reply back. Probably this wasn’t suppose to be out yet, and *they* don’t want people to bother *them* about it, or maybe because, if it’s not about a beef with MuscleNerd and Sherif Hashim, it’s just not worth paying attention to.

We installed this *update* and so far, we didn’t find any bugs. But be warned, this is ( at least for now ) an unofficial update. Install it at your own risk.