unlockr Adds A New Way To Unlock Your iOS 7 Device [video]

unlockr-cydia-FSMdotCOMIf you’re using Shuffler to randomize your iOS 7 lock screen wallpaper, you also might want to check out unlockr – a new stylish lock screen unlocker which uses a personalised pattern to unlock your device. unlockr has 4 sections in each corner of the screen ( see screenshots above ) which when tapped in an order represents your unlock pattern. You can customise the number of taps in your pattern in the settings panel. You can also choose from two, iOS 7 styled colour schemes. unlockr is simply activated by tapping on the circular button on your lock screen. A counter is also added to the screen so you can see how many more taps are needed.

This tweak might be useless to iPhone 5s users who most probably uses the Touch ID to unlock the device ( tweak doesn’t work with Touch ID anyway. Touch ID must be deactivated if you want to use this tweak ), but looks interesting enough.

If you want to give it a spin, unlockr is available for $1.99 on Cydia Store via BigBoss repo.